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The Upper Nile Sport Academy had successfully concluded the scouting of players in the recent tournament in Bentiu Unity State.   We would like to take this opportunity to convey our regards to all the teams that participated in the Upper Nile Sports Academy Bentiu branch Recruitment Tournament to select the best for the Academy in Bentiu Town.
In sports selections, performance prediction is critical for the selection of athletes. Selection may be aimed at short-term goals, such as the selection of players for the next match, but it may also be aimed at long-term outcomes. Upper Nile Sports Academy did this tournament for the long term. For  examples, the selection of youth athletes to was decided on who can stay in a club’s talent-development programme, or the prediction of who can reach excellent performance levels in 10 years.
The selection was done under two criteria; this two criteria are essential:
(1) What kind of performance do we want to predict?
We want to select an athlete based on their ability  and what can can bring in to the group, what influence can they have amongst his fellow athlete on and off the pitch. this are all characteristic we look in an individual whatsoever, they might be manner now but we can help them through training and other programme to achieve certain level on endurance during the time with the Academy.
(2) What methods can best be used to predict that performance? In training we want to gives the athlete best training method that suit their ability at their age and not burn them out on thing they supposed to learn in the next pace of their progress, however, individual cases can be isolated as some U12 Players can training with U14. We are a wear that there is a gap between insights from the physique on selection setting training method to adjust the gap, and the way in which athletes are training in reality.
The insights from psychology aspect can provide guidance for future directions in performance in sports. We specifically consider the gap and ability to endure advance training, how to combine information in order to make predictions and decisions, on the athetes and what kind of training to include in decisions in training to optimise predictions.
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We view this as a successful tournament and we would like to thanks every team and individuals, who contributes in one way or other. For those who watched on and could not played due you did not registered or your team did not registered in the tournament, you were a great spectators and e wish you surely will participate in the future tournament by Upper Nile Sports Academy. With respect and honor, we would like to appreciate Bentiu Local Football Association Board of Directors lead by chairman Philip Muon Top escorted by Secretary General, Malek Nuor for attending the closing ceremony, your kind support and words of encouragement and witnessing the medals awarded to individuals athletes that had been nominates and took part in the tournament. As Upper Nile Sports Academy Board of Directors, we are assuring the general public that all the selected individuals names shall commerce their first training for the Academy on Thursday 3rd June 2021 at Jamus’ Ground.
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“Moulding Upright Youth through Sports is our priority ⚽️