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Psycho-social Support

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the civil war is a major issue experienced in children enrolled in Upper Nile Sports Academy. Looking at the vulnerability of these children most of who have no families to turn to, UNSA through the support of psychological professionals offers psycho-social support programs to instill hope, to provide them with a sense of belonging, and to enhance their well-being. The support is offered through:

1. Child Friendly Spaces (CFS)

The academy provides a safe environment for the affected children with integrated programs including play, recreation, education, and health.

2. Youth

UNSA ensures all-rounded support for the affected youth who were exposed to violence or directly engaged in the civil war as child soldiers. We use specific approaches which include trainings on conflict resolution, life skills and problem-solving skills, organizational-focused prevention programs, peer programs aimed at strengthening relationships, and mentoring. This continued support has impacted in reduced negative aggression of violent behaviour as the youth make peace with their past and those around them.