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Upper Nile Sports Academy herein referred to as, “UNSA or the academy” is a social art center founded on July 09, 2016 by Laat Tungwar Kueiguong in greater Bentiu. The Academy operated independently from an existence under Upper Nile Football Club. The academy is well known as the, “Nile Battalion”. The academy shall be governed under the sport laws of the republic of South Sudan and globally accepted codes of conducts in the sport industry.
The republic of South Sudan attained her independence on July 09, 2011. As part of strategic growth that the country has embarked on, there is a dire need to develop institutions that will help in the development of human resources in the country part of which is the establishment of UNSA. The current crisis has also inflicted fear and hatred among the people of South Sudan. To bring back peace and harmony, there is need is to establish social art centers where peace, love and unity shall be preached to the affected population and steering peaceful co-existence among citizens.
Because a good number of our children are orphans and homeless at the same time, Mr Laat Tungwar took the initiative of setting up an academy where such children can be raised and their talents nurtured for better South Sudan. This academy will be a home, school, feeding center, and training facility for the selected children which in turn shall leads to our sport growth in future.
According to a local survey done by ourselves, 80% population of IDPs and resident around Bentiu Town, Rubkona and PoC are people below the age of 30 years. This means Bentiu generally is youth vicinity where majority of citizens are at the dawn of their lives. This survey cannot be only limited to Bentiu but we believed it’s the same for the rest of the states in the republic of South Sudan. This in essence signifies that as a country, we have a limitless potential in terms of growths and development. This mean that if the youths get involved in community or estate soccer engagement it not only helps them develop their talent but can also drastically reduce inter-ethnic and gang wars
It should be noted that if the government or organizations peg their development agendas around the youth and women, the most marginalized in the society, our country will have realized real development that will be felt by community itself. If we fail to support them positively, we shall be creating conflict in the community and this mean we fail to notice that every tree was started as a seed and germinated to full weight and healthy tree. In addition, failing to harness their energy for the good of the society can lead to it being use in anti-social behavior like crime and street children.
The most important thing in this generation is resilience to all type of sport equipment. To be able to mold upright generation, we must invest from the early age so that their future shape for better nation tomorrow. Sport, if well-organized is a proven remedy for delinquency and waywardness among this restive demographic group
UNSA strategy: To create solid foundation in the world of sports and raised young talented and responsible citizen in the republic of South Sudan.
Our main objective is to be part of solution providers, create hope for the hopeless and starting up a foundation that will raise young responsible citizens that will bring glory of celebration and transformation to the republic of South Sudan.
Mission Statement
To build professional sport academies across the republic of South with solutions to development of young athletes in the various types of sports in the republic of South Sudan.
Vision Statement
To be one of the leading sports Academy in Africa with International standards of coaching, training and provides homes to the recruited athletes.
Core Values
• Excellence
• Hard work
• Integrity
• Community
• Humanity
The Academy is located in PoC & Rubkona town along UNMISS road. Players have their training every Saturday and Sunday 2.00-6pm and 4.00-6.00pm during weekdays. Currently, UNSA has over 240 players playing under the following categories: U.12, U14, and U.16
The academy’s program is divided into three seasons each calendar year: January–April, May–August and September–December, with a typical season lasting 10 to 12 weeks. Apart from being a football school with several volunteer retired players with low skills in coaching, the academy fielded an internal league season at each age level with regular matches, training sessions and tournaments. Upon registration, players are evaluated and placed in teams which are categorized based on age and skill level:
• “Bentiu” – ages 8 to 12
• “Bor” – ages 13 to 14
• “Malakal” –ages 15 to 16
These categories are further divided into teams named after the Battalion of the South Sudan.SPLA struggle in 1983.
1. Bentiu
• Muormuor
• Gojam.
• Kazuk
• Intipaza

2. Bor
• Koryom
• Jamus
• Tiger
• Timsa

3. Malakal
• Wolf/Gool
• White Army.
• Rhino
• Zazal