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Sponsoring a Child is a way of extending love, care, sense of belonging, and shading light into the future of an unfortunate child.

At Upper Nile Sports Academy (UNSA), we strive to give children between the ages of 6-18years a safe environment where they can play, learn, get medical attention, and provide a home for them. It gives us much joy to see the children happy and with hope for the future.

We welcome all well-wishers to partner with us in taking care of these children.  The funds will be channeled towards the child’s most basic necessities including education, meals, and clothing.

You can only be matched with one child at a time. You will be provided with the child’s photos, a video of the child and their background story. Remember that you are always welcome to visit the child and to monitor their progress through letters, emails, photos, progress updates, and video calls.

Your sponsorship is on a long-term basis and we hope that you can commit 10 to 15 years in to help bring up a child. For $49 monthly, you will be rewriting the child’s story and offering him/her an opportunity to a brighter future.

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Why Support a Child in South Sudan?

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South Sudan became the youngest country in the world after attaining her independence on July 09, 2011. Two years later, a civil war broke in South Sudan leading to an estimated 383,000 deaths according to a report that was released by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. To this day, the scars injected by the war remains. The country is home to hundreds of thousands of children whose parents died during the war or fled to neighboring countries to seek asylum. A huge number of these children were rendered homeless and have had to fend for themselves and to take care of their siblings. This is the kind of agony that the children of South Sudan face each day.

At Upper Nile Sports Academy, we continue to work with like-minded individuals to salvage the children from their misery by providing them with a home, educating them, feeding them, clothing them, providing them with a place to play with other children and to see them grow into responsible citizens.

How To Support a Child

To sponsor a child, kindly write to us via:

You can also call us via:

+211915667761 or +2119222277122

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