As a peace promoting platform and a youth led foundation, UNSA has played a big role in the Protection of Civilians site. As an act to embracing peace and bringing youth together;

The Upper Nile Sports Academy Bentiu-PoC South Sudan organized a peace tournament that was conducted in Bentiu PoC where the following age categories participated and kicked-off from 5th to 14th October 2019. U-12, U-14, and U-16. A total of 147 teams representing various different communities from Greater Bentiu. More than a thousand avid football fans turned up to watch the 147 teams competing, and the players themselves want more of the same.

The current crisis has also inflicted fear and hatred among the people of South Sudan. To bring back peace and harmony, there is need to establish social art centres UNSA where peace, love and unity shall be preached to the affected population and steering peaceful co-existence among citizens.

This in essence signifies that as a country, we have a limitless potential in terms of growths and development. This means that if the youths get involved in community or estate soccer engagements it not only helps them develop their talent but can also drastically reduce inter-ethnic and gang wars

On behalf of Upper Nile Academy, we would like to tell our fans and Organization called MERCY CORPS –Child protection programme for donating five soccer balls, three whistle and one Air Pump. We are incredibly grateful for your support and generosity regarding Final whistle of the Peace Tournament

UNSA want to be part of solution providers, create hope for the hopeless and starting up a foundation that will raise young responsible citizens that will bring glory to celebration and transformation to the republic of South Sudan.

Among the many people who participated in terms of supporting the tournament, the following personnel stretched their hands in making the whole plan a success.

12 referees volunteered themselves where 4 individuals supported in judging Under-12 games to the end, 4 individuals volunteered to support Under-14 and 4 supported Under-16 matches respectively.


Following a meeting with the board of committee and the volunteers a day prior to the opening day, a decision was made on utilizing the little resources that was in place to help facilitate some of the minor processes and needs such as provision of at least a plate of food and refreshments for the referees after a long day in the sun. Measures of crowd control were agreed upon and persons in charge of that decided.

Age categories and the top 3 teams

Under 12 – 40 teams

• Najuum fc won – Gold medal

• Old School fc won – Silver medal

• Upper Nile Sector 2  won – Bronze medal

Under 14 – 70 teams

• Eden FC won – Gold medal

• BNB FC won – Silver medal

• New Life FC won – Bronze medal

Under 16 – 36 teams

• Rhino FC won – Gold medal

• Bentiu Around won- Silver medal

• Naath United won- Bronze medal


Figure 1:Captains of the best teams across the groups

Figure 02: Fans in the PoC watching the tournament

Figure 2:Opponent teams taking a peace photo

Figure 3:Players during the price giving moment




Insufficient soccer equipment to support the tournament efficiently

• Despite the available equipment i.e. 5 balls, 3 whistles and 1 Air pump, most of the essential soccer equipment were not available to fully support the whole tournament and to also ease the overall process of the event.

Lack of financial support

• Due to lack of funds, the board faced a challenged of being unable to maintain some of the best volunteers that were later discouraged by fatigue and with no reward.


It was a very successful event that resulted in increased of more children joining the Academy and increased more teams participating in the Peace Tournament. Please your little appreciation and support will change someone’s life as it quoted “Part of being a person is about helping others.”

By Regis Murayi

Kind Regards


Lat Tungwar Kueiguong

Managing Director

Upper Nile Sports Academy