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Latest Results

Malakal Poc Unsa league

June 5, 2020 | 12:00 pm
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Bhilla Majiek Michael

As a sportsman, my interest is to mold upright Children and youth to enable their future career in sports. I would like to continue training these children for the better of South Sudan of tomorrow and bring everlasting peace and joy in the sports industry.

Senior Team Player and Volunteer Coach for the U-14 since 2016

Tot Met Doh’s (Griezmann)

The trainings have improved my skills in sports and I yearn to learn more as I look forward to being the best player in South Sudan in the near future. I am happy and proud to be the member of this academy. I believe that UNSA would be an outstanding academy in both Unity State and South Sudan as whole.

UNSA U-14 Player

Duol Pouk Kuol Jal

I did join UNSA purposefully because I have that burning desire to help the young generation of this academy to be the future starts, the pride of South Sudan and the world at large. At the beginning the kids were a bit slow adapting to the new system we use but now there’s a lot of improvement from them.

UNSA Coach

Koang Bankow (Cavani)

I played in the streets before joining Upper Nile Sports Academy. Joining the academy has greatly transformed my life and I urge other kids in the streets to join sports and play out of passion and not for fun because this county really needs our generation for a better tomorrow.

Kazuk U-14 Player